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What kind of psychotherapy and coaching am I offering?


In psychotherapy, I have an integrative approach, using behavioral and cognitive therapy, mindfulness,  humanist and existentialist principles, impact therapy and EMT (Eye movement therapy). I also use additional tools when needed and in support of the psychotherapy process. 

The kind of coaching I am offering is a deeply intentional and effective process based on all my knowledge and experience in psychology, on the latests neuroscience findings, the wisdom of tantric and taoist traditions and the new knowledge on human transformational processes. It is a very powerful way of achieving genuine transformation towards thriving. It starts with clarifying your goals and desires and then focuses on empowering you to get there by integrating and resolving the issues that inhibit you from achieving what you want.


I work in a very interactive way and with powerful tools such as (but not only) visualization, experiential exercices and breathwork. I also almost suggest exercises and self-practices for you to do on your own in between sessions to maximise the benefits and efficiency of our process together and support that the changes and results are long lasting.


What can be addressed in the coaching sessions vs psychotherapy?


Anything regarding relationships (in the broad sense), sex and love that is not in the domain of psychotherapy can be addressed in a coaching process. Prior to taking a coaching appointment together, we will take a few moments to make sure that what you want to address really falls in the realms of coaching or if psychotherapy is needed.


In short, psychotherapy is needed when you have mental health issues that needs to be addressed and helps you move from surviving to living, from being non functional to being functional. The focus is more on the problems and the issues you are facing and how to solve them and deal with them (ex: anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorders, addictions, etc). Its aim is on helping you move from surviving to living.


Coaching is when you are already functional and its focus is to help you move from living to thriving. The focus is not on the problems and issues but really on your goals and desires... of course we address and clear the obstacles along the way but we don't dwell on them.

Here are some examples of situations that can be addressed in a coaching process :

  • You are experiencing a life transition event (divorce, loss and grief, abortion, miscarriage, fertility issues, pregnancy and arrival of a new child in your life, menopause, aging, illness or chronic pain, etc.) and want to be able to navigate that gracefully and use it as a stepping-stone to access a deeper, fuller and more satisfying way of relating to yourself, to life and to others.

  • You want to develop a better relationship with yourself, love yourself more, be kinder to yourself, hold your boundaries, trust your intuition, etc.

  • You want to increase your self-love, self-esteem and your sense of self-worth.

  • You want to develop more harmonious and satisfying relationships with your friends and family.

  • You want a better and more profound relationship and communication with your partner.

  • You want to accept and love your body and feel attractive and sexy as you are.

  • You want to resurrect the love and passion in your partnership.

  • You want to be more confident in general.

  • You want to be confident in your dating.

  • You want to experience more confidence in your emotional and/or sexual life.

  • You want to experience more freedom, fun, play, pleasure, depth and surrender in your emotional and/or sexual life.

  • You want to have more sensuality in your life and sexuality.

  • You want to be more in tune with and express your sacred feminine and/or sacred masculine.

  • You want to be more connected to and more grounded in your body.

  • You want to unleash who you are, be yourself, be bold, go for what you want.

These are only examples, the possibilities are endless, as we are all unique in the way we show up in our issues and our desires.


Please note that this is individual coaching, as coaching with couples requires skills that I will develop later on in a specialty training.

Fees & Receipts


150$/ 50 minutes. 

Receipts for the insurance and the taxes are systematically given upon payment. 



If you are unsure or have any questions around my approach, my fees or the receipts, please feel free to reach out and I'll be happy to give you more information. 

Looking forward to working with you towards your thriving in love, sex and relationships - with yourself, with life and with others! :-)

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